May 17, 2013 Donations Committee


Donations Committee

May 17, 2013



TO:  San Carlos Rotary Board of Directors


FROM:  San Carlos Rotary Donations Committee


SUBJECT:  Donations


The Donations Committee met on May 17, 2013.   The following members were in attendance:  Don Whitley, Ted Reynolds, Jeri Fujimoto,  Pete Nannarone, and Chris Edwards


We reviewed requests for donations and the following were approved:


Organization –   Star Vista

c/o    Sara Mitchell,  PHD

San Carlos

For:  Work With At Risk Children & Families

Organization –  Women’s Recovery Association

                         c/o  Patricia Henneke


For:  Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Organization – San Carlos Children’s Theater

c/o  Donna  Avanzino

San Carlos

For:  Theatrical  Productions

Organization – Peninsula Volunteers

c/o  Marilyn Baker-Venturini

San Mateo County

For:  Meals On Wheels


Organization – Children’s Fund

c/o Edward Wood


For: Needy Children

Organization – Friends Of The SC Adult Community Center

c/o Patti Brown

San Carlos

For:  Senior Adult Programs

Organization – Healthy Cities Tutoring

c/o Donna Becht

San Carlos

For:  Tutoring

Organization – Rape Trauma Services

c/o Emily Adams


For:  Sexual Abuse Services

Organization – Second Harvest Food Bank

c/o Kathy Jackson

San Carlos

For:  Food For Those In Need

Submitted By:  :  Donald A. Whitley, Committee Chair

CC:  WD Lewis, Treasurer  / Bernie Mellott, President /  Andy  Klein , Keyway /  Alex Phillips,  Web Master

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