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What’s Rotary

rotary leadersRotary is a leadership organization. We’re made up of local business, professional, and civic leaders.  We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships and through that, we’re able to get things done in this community.

Message from President Betsy


Happy Beginnings often follow a happy ending.  Last Friday evening’s “good bye” and “Hello” gathering at The Vans Restaurant was a demonstration of great Rotary Club of San Carlos Fellowship – in it’s grandest tradition.  We do have fun – don’t we?

The activities and programs that all of our committees have put together for this upcoming year are truly exciting.  It is to be noted that our club will turn 65 in Jan. and we will celebrate in grand style – like we always do.  More to come on this big event.

We also will have a “Four Way Test Essay Contest” with fifth grade students from Central School.  They will learn about ethics in life and business from members of our club and then write an essay about what they think “ethics” are and what the Four Way Test components mean to the life of a fifth grader. 

A special “shout out” went forth to regenerate the “Mystery Night”  A chair has accepted the challenge (none other than John & Bob Watkins) Wow, are we in for a treat!!  Stand by – because it is a “MYSTERY

A special focus will be made of the fact that, according to our recent survey, we are proud Rotarians.  Proud of our Club and Proud to be a Rotarian.  So, some advance notice (I am testing to see if anyone actually goes to our website and will read this message).  Dust of your Rotary Pin – attach it to your lapel and wear it everyday – and ESPECIALLY on Fridays to our meeting.  It just might save you some cash.

Let’s continue to serve our Community – San Carlos is “The City of Good Living”

We CAN make the “World A Better Place”

President Betsy